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About Eimiwash



In the design of EIMIWASH special attention has been paid to ergonomics, efficiency and low cost of use. The devices of the EIMIWASH series are based on industrial quality washing machines with a modified design, so that a highly effective and efficient cleaning of the complete drinking bucket including the valve suction cup is achieved.

EIMIWASH Sprühkopf
EIMIWASH Sprühkopf positionieren

The devices of the EIMIWASH series are easy and intuitive to use. Set required parameters – press the start button – EIMIWASH performs its work. The machines work with cold and hot water and little cleaner. To increase efficiency, EIMIWASH can also be connected to the hot water house connection.

Before cleaning

After cleaning

The bucket is cleaned inside and out, a special connector is used for intensive pressure flushing of the suction valve. The high pressure flushes the suction valve from the inside to the outside and frees it from deposits and germs. Tests have shown that a reduction in germs can be demonstrated compared to conventional cleaning by hand.

  • automized cleaning
  • standardized processed
  • the same, reliable cleaning results each and every time
  • no need to disassemble feeding buckets
  • very easy to use small appliance units
  • select from different cleaning programmes
  • prolonged lifespan of valve and teat due to non abrasive method
  • low water consumption (already less than 2 liters per bucket)
  • cost effective
  • prooven reduction of germs