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The Eimiwash-principle

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EIMIWASH: Ergonomic design for efficient and cost-effective drinking bucket cleaning

The design of EIMIWASH focusses on ergonomics, efficiency and cost-effective use. The devices of the EIMIWASH series are based on industrial quality washing machines with a modified design, so that a particularly effective and thorough cleaning of the complete feeding bucket including the valve teat is achieved. For this purpose, the connector specially developed for Hiko – 1Click drinking buckets is inserted into the drinking bucket and then placed in the basket. The specially developed basket has space for 4 buckets, which are cleaned simultaneously.

Efficient cleansing with EIMIWASH: Intuitive operation and precise dosing for optimum cleanliness

The appliances in the EIMIWASH series are simple and intuitive to use. Insert the basket – press the start button – EIMIWASH does its work. The machines work with cold and hot water and a small amount of cleaner. To increase efficiency, EIMIWASH can also be connected to the hot water house connection. Eimiwash is characterised by very short cycle times of up to 30 seconds per drinking bucket. This significantly reduces the time required for bucket cleaning while ensuring thorough cleaning. Optimum use of the cleaning water enables very low water consumption of up to 1.5 litres per drinking bucket. Thanks to the automatic sequence of cleaning and subsequent rinsing, no further work steps are necessary for the operator. Simply remove the drinking buckets and hang them upside down on the bucket caddy to dry.

The specially developed cleaner is also dosed automatically and precisely to the millilitre. This saves resources and protects the environment. The cleaner reliably removes grease residues, but is also gentle on the bucket and teat.

Maximum hygiene and efficiency: EIMIWASH cleans drinking buckets thoroughly and effectively

The feeding bucket is cleaned inside and out. The high pressure rinses the suction valve from the inside to the outside and removes deposits and bacteria. Tests have shown a reduction in bacteria compared to conventional manual rinsing.

While Eimiwash is doing its work, you can prepare the next wash cycle with the help of the quick change basket. Load the changeable basket and then replace it with the freshly cleaned basket from the machine. This keeps the machine permanently occupied and allows you to clean the feeding buckets even more efficiently.

Our extensive range of accessories allows you to customise the calf feeding process to suit your needs, from transport and storage to cleaning the feeding buckets.

With our additional baskets, you can not only clean your drinking buckets, but also a variety of products that you need for rearing your calves. These include, for example, milking buckets, drinking bottles and feed bowls.